National Junior Honor Society Hours

May 24

Planning the Fundraiser: 3

Sitting in a booth for Einstein: 4

Actually having the fundraiser: 12

Meetings for Einstein: 5 + we got it approved

BTW: I have talked with Ben and Jerry’s and they said that no one came. That adds up to a grand total of zero dollars, zero cents. :(

On the bright side, no more logging hours!


May 17

We have received our 1st check from our Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser!
It said,

“Dear I.Deea,

We have counted up the money and you have recieved 60 dollars. Unfortunately, 20% of 60 is

$9.61.” So, we received only nine dollars and sixty-one cents. :(

2.) The Los Angeles County School Board has voted, and Einstein Academy has been…

When I first heard, I said

Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser

May 06

I had a fundraiser on May 5 at Baja Fresh and Ben and Jerry’s in order to raise money for the greyhounds’ medical treatment. We still have to find out how much money we received, but when we find out, I will be sure to blog it! See ya around, lightbulbs! :)

Hound Wash

May 06

On April 28, I went to a Hound Wash for FastFriends. At a Hound Wash, people bring their greyhounds, and then they help wash other  people’s greyhounds! I was a brusher and a dryer, and, frankly, I think that I did a very good job on them. Enough fur came shedding off when I brushed the dogs that it could make a blanket! I helped out a lot that day, and I am glad that all of those greyhounds are now squeaky clean, have had their nails clipped, and have been brushed.

Amazing Speech ;D

Mar 19

Everyone, I forgot to tell you something!

On December 11, 2012, I gave a speech to the Saugus County Board of Education, in order to convince them to approve the Albert Einstein Academy for grades 1-6. Currently, they are still debating, but they may decide in the future. When that happens, I will tell you all on my blog what the results are.


Jul 26

As most of you may know, the olympics happen tomorrow at 1:00 pm.

I know that everyone is eagerly anticipating what they’ll do for the opening ceremony. The chinese did a very good job last year, so  I think it  will be a very fun one this year too.



Poll Results

Jul 26

Hello again :) !

Here are the results of my  latest poll.

Super Strength: 2

Healing powers: 1

Flight:  1

Shapeshifter: 1


Jul 11

Here is: da-dadaratatata! my very first polling question! answer via comment.

What superpower would you have (one answer only)?

A.) Flight

B.) Super Strength

C.) Healing Powers

D.) Shape Changer

Happy Polling!

The results will be shown in 2 weeks.

JeLlY wOrLd?!?!?!?!?!?

Jul 10

By the way, if you know about Jelly World, (from neopia) it’s here, on my blog! Well, not exactly. I mean, there’s a secret page here, but I can’t tell anyone about it because it’s a secret.

Welcome to Three’s the Count!

Feb 07

This is a place where we can share ideas, doodles, jokes, and be creative!  Please feel free to post something you created.  Here’s my first panel!

Best regards,